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Hongqisky Co., Ltd is a professional cosmetics packaging Supplier that knows how to produce the high quality and competitive price cosmetic containers, In virtue of our high-quality products and great services, we win and maintain the confidence of customers around the world; with fashionable & comprehensive new designs, we have successfully adapted to the fast changeable market.

“Total Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction” are the central goals of our company. Our approach and philosophy are to provide a first-class service to our customers, supported by quality products and competitive price.

Continuous investment in research & development, and marketing allows Hicos to offer innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable products.

As a manufacturer, based on great management, good production capacity, and strict quality control, We are dedicated to providing products highly based on customers’ requirements relying on a professional team with many years’ experience.

We care about all clients, this purpose allowed us to keep strong and long-term cooperations with many cosmetic brands.



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Top 10 tips to find the right packaging for your skincare and cosmetic products

1. Packaging Materials types

2. Packaging design and label

3. Packaging Size

4. Custom VS Stock

5. Sustainability

6. Sterilizing Your Containers

7. Filling Containers

8. Packaging transportation

9. Packaging cost

10. Displaying and Storing Your Products

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