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Packaging is very important to a Brand. About 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the product’s packaging. when consumers’ attention is drawn by the packaging, the brand can be accepted by consumers. Product quality is fundamental, and the packaging reflects value, our job is to discover value.Our packaging has many material choices, such as plastic, glass, PCR, metal and bamboo, etc. You can choose the right material according to the characteristics of different products. And we are happy to provide guidance on material selection & decoration based on your Brands needs.

Another important factor in achieving your desired look is in the way your packaging is finished. Hongqisky Co., Ltd offer many different options for you to choose from, including inner and outer sprays, metallization, in-mold color, and spray finishes like pearl, matte, soft touch, glossy, and frosted.

Not sure what materials and finished to use? our professional engineers can help advise you here.



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Top 10 tips to find the right packaging for your skincare and cosmetic products

1. Packaging Materials types

2. Packaging design and label

3. Packaging Size

4. Custom VS Stock

5. Sustainability

6. Sterilizing Your Containers

7. Filling Containers

8. Packaging transportation

9. Packaging cost

10. Displaying and Storing Your Products

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